Project case: constructing high-voltage transmission networks in Germany

Project description

emagine Germany has been a partner to significant electricity transmission companies since 2012 through various projects.

Ensuring safe and continuous energy supply to their customers, now and in the future, is the be-all and end-all for high-voltage transmission network providers.

emagine has helped to safeguard smooth construction of new plants or grids. Partners such as emagine can step in only if their expertise is threefold:

  • economic: asset management;
  • processual: approval of processes, such as regional planning and planning permission;
  • technical: performing pipeline construction of the high-voltage transmission networks.

Excellent support and consulting for complex business projects are crucial for electricity transmission companies. emagine has helped analyse the health and safety environment warranting the safety of employees in a high-voltage transmission environment.

Other cases have included the Project Management Office (PMO) overseeing and managing the creation of a new-work breakdown, ie. A to Z implementation of the business project.