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Change Practice

emagine’s Change Practice ensures programmes start with the end in mind. Whether that be agile,system, digital transformation, people, or processes change, we will start with a goal, vision and exit strategy. Our Change Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) understand they need to win the hearts and minds of all stakeholders and deliver well-planned, thought-out, and process-driven projects.

In the fast-paced world of change, our SMEs leverage in-depth, practical, advisory, and execution knowledge enabling financial institutions to change and adapt seamlessly.


Case Study: Change Practice

A Tier One bank’s front office XVA was managing peripheral risks on a spreadsheet with a monthly manual cycle. This process was cumbersome, outdated, prone to errors and losing money due to incorrect risk calculations. This was also an audit risk due to the lack of controls and auditability.

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Our ability to listen, understand and adapt to our clients' and consultants' unique challenges and priorities enables us to create real impact and value, ultimately leading to meaningful partnerships.

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Experts in change and transformation: We utilise our wealth of knowledge and experience to align ourselves with your organisational goals to implement impactful change.


Trustworthy: emagine’s Subject Matter Experts are specialists in change management, so you’re safe in the knowledge that your business is in the best hands.


Immediate value: We only employ the top 10% of change professionals in the industry, ensuring we deliver immediate impact and ROI


Domain IP: Our Subject Matter Experts leverage years of successful delivery within change and transformation and best practices faced by financial institutions