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Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance

emagine deliver multi-disciplinary engagements, driven by market leading practitioners, in Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance.

emagine's key strength is our deep knowledge and understanding of the environment in which our clients operate. emagine's Risk and Regulatory Practice combines process change, quantitative finance and technology to manage regulatory-driven change. With risk models subjected to more regulatory scrutiny than ever before, our practitioners are well-placed to assist our Commercial, Retail and Investment Banking clients with advisory expertise, modeling, methodology, testing and regulatory compliance and implementation.

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Lean Enterprise Agile

A top-down method based on ‘mission control' leadership, with an operating model designed for overall business efficiency.

Current industry leaders in disruptive technologies have adopted ‘Lean Enterprise' in order to optimise performance and scale on demand. Lean Enterprise is the combination of the evolution of lean concepts and agility, which provide the principal operating system model required to employ a disruptive business model. emagine's team of expert practitioners successfully guide firms in becoming unconsciously competent in Lean Enterprise activities.

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Business Intelligence Practice and Analytics

emagine's expertise enables your business to discover the benefits of custom built analytics more quickly than you ever thought possible.

Financial organisations continue to gather ever-growing volumes of information but connecting to and aggregating this data across disparate sources and a complex technology stack to unlock its hidden value can be challenging.

It is more important than ever to reduce the dependency on uncontrolled spreadsheets, provide clarity on data lineage, understand the data workflow and shift one's perspective from historic to predictive modelling.

We deploy leading experts that have extensive financial services experience to quickly analyse your data sources, interpret the data, build visualisations and create valuable insight.

We deliver our services for business and technology, deploying dashboard visualisations, workflow and reporting services for either tactical or longer-term strategic solutions.

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Behaviour Driven Development

emagine help teams deliver valuable software for clients' projects, more effectively and efficiently.

emagine's Behaviour Driven Development coaches will teach you and your organisation useful techniques, tools, and concepts to ensure your business is effective and productive. Through different workshops, we will teach you the BDD model and show you how to integrate it into your existing development process. Your business will learn how to apply BDD to requirements analysis, in order to define features that focus your business's development efforts on underlying business goals.
Your business will have the ability to automate acceptance criteria and use tests to guide and report on the development process. BDD principles will be applied at a coding level, in order to write more maintainable and better documented code.

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MiFID II - Clock Synchronisation - RTS 25

Meet regulatory compliance and reporting standards with the emagine Time Suite.

All the challenges and complexity of MiFID II Clock Synchronisation are resolved with a simple, low-touch solution which enables full compliance with real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities for modern and legacy environments. With resiliency and redundancy at the core of emagine's system, we ensure maximum uptime 24/7/365. emagine's Time Suite has been built from the ground up to ensure all MiFID II RTS-25 requirements are achieved and provides your business with the confidence of a fully compliant solution.

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Application Development

Razor-sharp thinking and flawless execution, with world-class, scalable solutions for innovative outsourcing.

Our onshore and nearshore development teams are experts at solving complex business problems. We design and craft solutions that can help with many of the challenges facing today's organisations. These include, accelerating competitive advantage and delivering high quality and cost effective solutions. With our nearshore centres based in Armenia and Ukraine and thanks to the trade agreements already in place, these centres are ideally situated during the times of current Brexit uncertainty.

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Cyber Security

Protection against cyber attacks and digital threats.

Cyber attacks have become a lucrative business, making it imperative for organisations to take action to protect themselves and their clients' data from cyber threats. emagine's cyber security teams develop bespoke client solutions using innovative technology to prevent cyber-attacks that would have detrimental effects on an organisation.

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