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Business Intelligence – Tier 1 Bank Compliance Reporting (Post-Trade utilities)

Implementation of a central reporting system which analyses the trade events within a business.

Business challenge

Prior to contacting emagine, a client had developed a POC solution to report on trade, confirmation settlements, Asset Services KPI and KRI information. The initial tactical solution which was implemented within the business, suffered greatly from data inconsistencies – this was exemplified when migration to DWH was attempted and thus, posed a significant risk to the project.

Services provided/outcomes

Along with piloted remote COE delivery governance and without changing the users’ experience, emagine re-designed the Qlikview application – this resulted in the implementation of tactical transformation processes on Fixed Income Trades and thus, resolved the client’s inconsistency issues.

emagine implemented a two layer innovative solution which significantly reduced both false positives and negatives. This resulted in the completion of compliance and risk regulation checks, as well as reduced the clients overall cost.

emagine successfully delivered on dashboard completion, as well as meeting the original UAT schedule – this thus, resulted in the stakeholders’ gaining confidence in the client. emagine finalised the enterprise reporting and data processing requirements, which enabled the client’s strategic Data Stage to be driven and consolidated across all product classes.

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Business Development Manager

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