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Online brokerage

Helping to deliver new Applications, on time and on budget.

Business challenge

One of Canada biggest online brokerage company’s required a market trading platform which would comply with strict service-level agreement requirements (SLA’s). Having failed to build an equities application internally, the client requested emagine to assist them in building a high-performance, robust technology. The market trading platform demanded a performance level which incorporated the ability to complete millions of transactions, in millisecond timeframes, 24/7/375, whilst ensuring the platform remained stable under stressed conditions, as well as provide zero downtime.

Services provided/outcomes

emagine assisted the brokerage by providing complementary skills to their internal teams. emagine successfully developed and implemented their equities trading platform, whilst delivering to project plan and budget. emagine maintains an extensive relationship with the client and continues to drive and develop its technological advancements.

These expertise extends into:

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Service Delivery Manager

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