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Business Intelligence Practice and Analytics

A comprehensive solution that manages all aspects of a business’s intelligence program.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Emagine transforms business data into actionable information for all levels of an organisation seeking greater confidence and speed for their decision making.

Analytics delivery requires an understanding of data integration, management, modelling and visualisation disciplines. Our multi-skilled consultants have a track-record of delivery excellence across BI Architecture layers and technologies, increasing engagement value. We invest in our delivery focussed Center of Excellence (COE), ensuring repeatable results for customers.

"    We enable a business to optimise its decision making, through harnessing the value of data.    "

We offer a flexible engagement model and our services include:

Servicing Enterprise BI Architecture

Expertise, agility and continuous integration

We have produced business insight and workflow solutions for:


emagine are a certified Qlik partner

Qlikview 12x – The time to upgrade is now

Qlik is phasing out its leading 11.2x generation of releases from the QlikView product family from December, 2017. Customers are advised to upgrade to 12x generation for business continuity. The upgrade should not be disruptive.

QlikView 12 generation of products are engineered for enterprise platform deployment and shared use. The new server engine is completely re-architected to support very large deployments enabling shared usage among analytics stakeholders. With both Qlikview and QlikSense product family sharing the same server engine, customer’s analytics investments are protected.

emagine’s Centre of Excellence (COE) team summarises the following key product enhancements:

What does this mean for stakeholders?

The impact of the upgrade to application and platform stakeholders are listed below




emagine’s delivery focussed ‘Centre of Excellence (COE) recommend the following:

  1. Set up enterprise platform: Leverage the power of new QIX engine, customers are encouraged to consolidate all 11.2 deployments onto enterprise grade 12 cluster(s).
  2. Align applications to platform: Publish standards and guidelines to ensure analytics application stakeholders optimally using platform resources, enabling shared usage.
  3. Enable platform & application evolution: Build and operate teams supporting user activity, application build & support and platform build & support.

Marc Jeffrey
Service Delivery Manager

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